Smart Advertising

BSmartData GmbH is your all-in-one provider for Data Driven Advertising. Our platform offers a comprehensive overview of online marketing for agencies and advertisers - resulting in maximum transparency.

DataManagement by BSmartData is built to extract the essence from your data. Based on this we approachnew potential customers for you and raise your turnover.

Our custom-built technology for Adserving, Data Management and Tag Management is highly adjustable to your needs, e.g. when it comes to the creation of dynamic advertising material.

With our own servers located in Germany we offer a high level of privacy and compliance.

Make use of your data - the smart way


To be able to use your data in a way to increase your revenue, we offer a platform that is highly scalable and customizable to your needs.


Based on interest profiles we get to know your customers and can easily identify new potential customers for your product.


With servers based in Germany, smart tag loading and redundant systems we offer high performance which results in low page loading times for your customers.